Precision Cleaning for Oxygen Service

ATC has the proper environment, knowledge, and necessary equipment to achieve the results required, to produce a safe, clean component for use in oxygen service. Removal of combustible contaminates from any equipment or system in oxygen service, including organic and inorganic substances such as oils, paper, fiber, dust, solvents, weld slag, rust, sand, and dirt.
Class 100,000 clean room in accordance with FED-STD-209 with temperature, pressure, and humidity control.
Contamination controlled work areas in accordance with BAC5703, Class 1,500,000(V).
Non-volatile residue and particulate testing.
Using the latest eco-friendly Magnaflux water-based aqueous cleaners.
Precision cleaned parts are double bagged and each bag is labeled "Cleaned for Oxygen Service" listing the specification and any other requirements to meet the labeling needs of our customers.
Military Specification:
MIL-D-8683C (Design and installation of gaseous oxygen).
MIL-D-19326H (Design and installation of liquid oxygen equipment in aircraft and general specification).
Applicable to category 1 and 2 components as defined in BPS-O-100
Commercial Specifications:
BAC5763 (Emulsion cleaning and aqueous degreasing)
BPS-O-100 (Oxygen system components, breathing components and general engineering requirements).